Netflix/Movie Posters

It was mentioned in class how some don’t see many movie posters, they just see the thumbnails for movies on Netflix.

I joined Netflix with the free one month trial today to take a look and see the thumbnails for movies and compare them to their posters.

So far I’m finding that the thumbnails for the movies either are the poster, are the DVD cover, or are one of the two worked to fit the size and format of Netflix’s thumbnails.

So if you have been on Netflix viewing movies, you have definitely been seeing the movie’s posters in some form or another. At least from what I can tell so far, I’m going to do more comparisons to make sure. But currently I’ve checked a decent amount and they are the same as the movie posters (again, some slightly changed layout wise to fit in the thumbnail properly, but I still count that, since it would be the same imagery you associate with that movie’s poster)