Notes 1

Some notes taken during my Seminar class this fall semester, either suggestions or thoughts I was having during discussion,


-Mentioned a 2D master copies assignment from Freshman year using cut paper. Perhaps try this with movie posters?

-Figure out a way to bring movie poster to people? Since most people don’t go out of their way to see movie posters, they only happen to see them if they’re going to the theater mostly.

-Make list posters. For example, make a checklist of stereotypes in movie poster design.

-People see posters, but don’t always realize that they are. For example, Netflix icons are the movie’s poster, just formatted to fit the thumbnail size, but many don’t know this.

-Make posters to draw people in about points of interest

-Conceive and market a Film Festival?

-Make posters on random or everyday objects. Misuse movie posters. Use them impractically? For example, a movie poster where a jug of milk is the star.

-Japanese movie pamphlets/program books are AWESOME, I wish we did that here.

-Why is it that I love movie posters? Explore this more.

-Maybe I like the posters more so as art, rather than having it make or break my decision to see a movie. Though, sometimes seeing a really cool poster online definitely makes me want to go and check out the movie. Kind of like how a book’s cover can entice someone to read the story inside. I also think I love movie posters for their designs, however many are following the same generic setups there are still some beautiful posters out there. Also, if the poster is really good and I really loved the movie, I love it even more because it represents that movie in some way.


Movie Poster Swap


I tried something kind of fun today.

You ever see on YouTube the “genre-switch” movie trailers?

Yeah, I did that.

But with movie posters.

And instead of just genre-switching, I literally switched the two posters. Meaning I took the compositions/layouts/text of one, and applied it to another.

Here are the results:

(Also, I do not own any of the images, compositions, layouts, or designs. I merely recreated them with another movie’s title and character. But again, I did not create the imagery or layouts, etc. I do not claim to be the creator of them. If there is any issue with this, please let me know and I will remove them.)



Perhaps I’ll try some more of this, or just genre-switching the movies in general.

Either way, it was a lot of fun.

And again, I do not claim to be the creator of any of the imagery, compositions, layouts, fonts, design, etc.