Since it’s summer I might not post all that much. Actually, by now summer is almost over, and I haven’t posted anything… Actually, I haven’t even made this blog until now.

So let me fill you in on what’s happened so far!

Before the summer, I proposed my senior thesis idea (eventually for my senior show) to my teachers. To be honest I struggled thinking of an idea, and I’m still struggling figuring out which direction to go in exactly, but I have my topic: Movies! I did a write up on it (which I will post next, mainly to document my progress and changes that my thesis will undergo).

Then I had about a week before I was on a fourteen hour flight to… JAPAN!

This year I decided to take the summer courses our school offers in Niigata, Japan, as I was interested in learning woodblock printing and some bookbinding (I’ve also signed up for bookbinding in┬áthe fall as well to continue!) And I’m also really interested in Japan, especially the graphic design they do there! (They have so much impressive packaging design, you better believe I saved almost all of it! Which, maybe I’ll make a post about some of their packaging designs and such!)

It was truly a wonderful experience, and I still miss it to this day (having been home for a month now).

Though now that I’m home I’ve been focusing on finishing my homework for the classes in Japan, working on collating a book for the Comics class at my school, a job for a starting business, and artwork to sell at Boston Comiccon next month! Wish me luck, it’s a ton of work! But hopefully I’ll be able to update this blog regularly!






Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Here you’ll be seeing a lot of my thoughts and processes for my design work! Hope to be posting more soon, and hope you enjoy! (Also will be updating the look of this site very soon!)