Some More Thoughts…

As I continue researching I’m having some more thoughts, and since my other post was already super long, I’ve decided to make a new one.

Plus it’s not late night thoughts if I’m thinking them early in the morning.

So I guess early morning thoughts then? Anyways,

-I’m getting a lot of “somewhat”s on my survey to the question asking if a movie’s poster influences your decision to see a movie or not. I’m wondering if it’s because a.The poster is only a minor aspect to some people, or if it’s because b.The poster would really only make you inclined to see a movie if you liked it, and if you didn’t like it you would still probably see the movie because the poster is only one part of it’s marketing (and perhaps you like the trailers or other ads).

-Though, I suppose it could possibly turn you away from a movie if the poster featured problematic things. For example, (I know it’s not a movie poster, it was a billboard) the X-Men Apocalypse ad featuring the villain of the film choking Mystique, which sent the message that casual violence towards women is okay. A LOT of people were upset about this, and I can only imagine that at least a handful of them possibly didn’t see the movie because of it.

-Maybe I need to have a survey about the above thought. “If a movie poster featured problematic behaviors, would you be deterred from seeing the movie” Perhaps a question for a Twitter survey.

-One article ( I’m reading says “She stops and stares at the movie posters even when the cast doesn’t include her one and only, and I join her—because great movie posters demand our attention. And they deserve it.” I’m wondering if age has something to do with relevance of movie posters to you. Because they do seem like they’d catch a child’s interest, since their interests are usually vast when younger, and more selective as they get older. So perhaps this has some effect on it? Perhaps ask the survey questions to children and see how the results vary.



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